Monday, January 30, 2012

Drop the Lawyers

They make enough money whether it be chasing ambulances or pay-to-play contracts. Why is it that we keep the same lawyers on year after year?  The premise was to have a lawyer, who lived in Linden, serve the City for a certain amount of time, without inuring benefits.  The other premise was to have a lawyer serve as Judge for a certain amount of time, without inuring benefits. That's why the Mayor is inured with that task of naming lawyers and judges .  Good will in the community and all that stuff.  The premise was NEVER to have a lawyer serve so much time that he would be vested in the pension system, collect medical benefits and be a burden to the taxpayers.  After all, lawyers make a lot of money, no? That's the way the City Charter was set up.

Elected officials have forgotten the mission.  Did our City Attorney serve as the Democratic Chairman?  Did our City Attorney's wife sue our own City and settle a lawsuit what I liken to a lottery?  Will Linden overtaxed taxpayers, who will never see an annual paycheck that Kologi gets in retirement benefits, or his wife, deserve to pay his pension for life?

That's how fucked up the system is.  Not because it's the 99% against the 1%, but it's because the poltically connected take from the rest of us.  There are numerous, well-documented cases in Union County how the politoicos pad pensions.  We reward people who shouldn't even be employed here to earn those benefits, including the Judge.  Those so-called professionals are suppose to serve the public.  Not become a dependent on those who earn easily a fraction of what they make. When those attorneys pay to play, taxpayers lose

Get rid of Hudak and Roth already.  They don't seem to be doing a good job anyway.  And no where do I remember electing Roth to bargain with the Unions. That should be our elected officials  responsibiltiy. Is Roth in the Pension System?  If he is, how can be an unbiased  negotiater?

I'd rather see a lawyer charging $250 to $350 (the going rate in the real world) an hour then these flunkies.  And some ought to look into the Zoning Board lawyer.  Seems to me the County wants to pad his pension.   Didn't Zitomer just fuck up big time in the Shoprite litigation?  Fire this lawyster too.   It isn't rock science to be a zoning board attorney.  I smell a malpractice suit, but how do you sue your own attorney?

There is no direction and no one knows anything.  They only know what the lawyers tell them, those lawyer who are on their payroll.

Fire them all.


Anonymous said...

JTG: "Nepotism is a good thing"....

Anonymous said...

It can be when it is not abused. It should not be a crime to work with people who are family. The crime comes when there is an obvious abuse of power, improper promotions and favoritism. The city of linden has so many generations of families working in it right now it is down right sinful.