Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Treasurer & Rahway Democratic Committee Reprimanded and Fined $60,500

Although PolitickerNJ is reporting the fine to be $55,000 (reduced from $68,750), PolitickerNJ did not take into account a $5,500 partial payment made by the Rahway Democratic Committee on account.   The Democratic Commitee and the Treasurer will make 20 quarterly payments according to the Consent Order and Final Decision. 

Whatever happened to the complaint against the NJ State Democratic Committee for the deliberate, calculating and misleading robo calls it made back in 2009 in a desperate attempt to re-elect slimeball Corzine by making robo calls to encourage republicans to vote for Daggett?  A search on ELEC reveals "There are no Complaints or Final Decisions to view".

People need to start going to jail for this crap.


NFS said...

Either they are purposing hiding the identities of the contributors, which seems to be mostly connected to developers seeking contracts in the City, or they are just incompetent. I'll have to go back and look at what those same developers vigged in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. I'm sure as the market declined, those developers did not vig as much.

Regardless, the Committee and the Treasurer are dumb, incompetent, flat out liars, or all or a combo because the reports were amended after the initial complaint.

Just like with an IRS certification, you should go to jail when you falsify returns.

I hate to use this phrase, a big shout out to the person who reported it, but if it were not for him, they may have gotten away with it.

Vigorous campaigning is probably underway to pay this BIG fine. Good luck. Who would give them even a nickle? The same ones who pay to play of course, including DeCotiis law firm. Pathetic.

Dougman said...

Guess they will have to raise taxes on those hapless Rahway property owners again... Er, the "non-connected" ones, that is.