Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Come Meet Our New Judge, Judge Roberts

As some of you remember, along Dewitt Terrace, ridiculous signs about "Meeting our Judge" and some other nonsense signs that were erected during the JTG (John T. Gregorio) era.  That Judge (Judge DiLeo) has since retired, on taxpayers dime, amidst ethic charges, for which, IMO, he will most certainly be sanctioned for.  See here for those charges.  I am pretty certain Judge DiLeo will not escape those charges.  In any event, Councilman Brown, along with some others, voted to not endorse the Mayor's appointment of Dan Roberts.  Dan Roberts, Esq. meets the N.J. Statutory requirements. The City Charter allows the Mayor to appoint the Municipal Judge and Dan Roberts meets the criteria.  Brown says he has other resumes.  Too bad Councilman Brown; that is not within your power.  Brown needs to learn the rules and statute law.  He needs to get a new hairdresser as well.

Other items:  Criminal background.  If I'm not mistaken, we have a FF (firefighter) who has a criminal background as well as a current employee.  Therefore, it should not be limited to the Recreation Department.

Union County Improvement Authority being designated as the developer of the ISP property passed.  BAD MOVE.  The UCIA couldn't find its own ass in a paper bag.  BIG DISAPPOINTMENT on this vote.  But hey, you might want to curry favor with the Dem Chair.   Who knows?

Anti-Nepotism    Looks like a viable candidate got knocked out because of it.  Then Council changed the policy.  Never should have been instituted in the first place.  It should have always been best candidate gets the job, so why do it?  Koziol loves nepotism.  In fact, his wife and kid works for the BOE, which Board he served on.  Anyone thinks that was not nepostism?     Remember when Council gave JTG a 50% pay increase?   Koziol voted for that; to pad the Mayor's salary which would in effect adversely affect the taxpayers.Koziol makes me sick that now he acts all sanctimonious now. Koziol want to cut now?  He has a three-to five year plan now for an IT Plan?  Is he serious?  We needed a three-to-five year budget plan five years ago, like former Mayor Paul Werkmeister suggested.  But no.  We get the blame game. And his kid got a job with the B.O.E. in the meanwhile  Can't dispute that.

Council Reports.  Just one comment.  1st Ward Councilman Kolibus encourages everyone to visit the City website for recreational programs.  It seems to be the rec department uploads their programs with no problems.  I'd like to see the monthly AGENDAS uploaded and MINUTES uploaded in a timely fashion   Can ANY city councilperson or mayor call for this?  HOW HARD CAN IT BE TO UPLOAD DOCUMENTS?  Got to be an idiot not to be able to do that.

Sheehy:  You want suggestions?  Get an Email address No.1 because I would privately email you.  My next suggestion is to have all attorneys submit a Request for Proposals for a City Attorney(s), Judge or other attorney position  for a three-year term.  This way, we have no attorneys on the payroll or collecting, medical or pension benefits.  Email me @ and I will give you more suggesstions. 

Pension Padding:  Can our newly elected Freeholder from Linden, Christopher Hudak, who is the Linden Democrat Chair, and whose father is on the Roselle and Linden payrolls, ensure us his father won't profit or be a burden on us over-taxed taxpayer?  Of course not.   This is what Linden Mayor endorsed during a council meeting which was wholly inappropriate and no one called him on it by making a political endorsement because 1)  it was or a democrat (that's why you know our Mayor is not an indepedent) and ;
2)  After the fact because dem-run Union County gave us some money for a a couple hour, no-one cares Holleen parade?

Mayor of  Linden, I beg you:

No one cares about parades or concerts.  What homeowners wonder about is even if they can meet their mortgage payments, can meet THEIR PROPERTY TAXES? 

Not all of us have a government pension

Someone better get in this quick.


Dougman said...

You all have some seriously "ethics challanged" Council people serving in Linden. The fact that they gave DiLeo all that extra time (so he could qualify for his pension, BTW) just shows that they are still buddying up to protect their interests - which is robbing the tax payers blind so they can pad their own pockets and the pockets of their families and friends.

Shame on your Council do you live with yourselves? And shame on the voters who allow you to do this to them and their families, neighbors and friends!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your idea about getting rid of in house counsel...What the hell good are they when everything gets farmed out anyway?? Oh, wait - that's so they can direct the contracts to connected firms of THEIR choosing, right??

Anonymous said...

I am having a huge battle with the Koziols on Rich's Public Facebook page. He ranted about Dan Roberts being appointed and accuses the Mayor of Nepotism. I pointed out your statement about the BOE connection on the Koziol Family and they are defending what the refer to as my accusations saying that they are qualified as to Mr. Roberts not being so.

Anonymous said...

After I pointed out to Mr. Koziol on his "Councilman Rich Koziol" Facebook page after he trashed the Mayor and Dan Roberts, that he too can be looked at in the same light having 2 family members on the City's payroll he went off on me saying that I better leave his family out of it and stop attacking them. Now that's funny. It's OK for him to have his own public forum and spew off about things people are doing that he already has done but he doesn't like to be called out on it?

Anonymous said...

Koziol deleted his post on Facebook regarding his statement about nepotism being alive and well after the appointment of Dan Roberts. I guess he finally realized that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Anonymous said...

So not only does Kozipl delete my posts in response to his charges of the Mayor's nepotism in the appointing of Dan Roberts but he bans me from posting on the page. I emailed him why and this is his response: "Just had enough of your one-sided, non-objective running on. It gets old fast." So I guess on his public Facebook page he is the only one allowed to be one-sided and non-objective.

Anonymous said...

Dear NFS.

I sent you some comments regarding a battle I have been having with Koziol. I also expressed my concerns and his banishment of me by him from his Facebook Page to the Mayor and Mr. Moore. They both seemed interested in pursuing the issue and something may be said at the next council meeting. Stay Tuned.

NFS said...

Sorry for the delay in posting everyone's comments. I was away from the computer for a week or so.
We all need a break from the stupidity.

@ anon @ 2:57, Koziol is one of the biggest fraudsters. His wife and kid do indeed work for the BOE, which he served on for many years. Koziol cannot answer for why his wife and kid are employed there. That's why your posts are deleted. He uses other council people to make his case. Not only that, he contributed to the promotions of shady people like the Roses. He SUCKS, but has a smooth tongue and the some of the other idiots on Council eat it up. Some have their own agendas to curry favor with the UC Dem. Machine. Oh you thought you were getting new people to represent you? Think again.

NFS said...

Koziol won't even post about DiLeo's ethic charges. Fucking coward.