Tuesday, December 27, 2011

July, August, September, October & November Minutes Not Posted on City Website

FIVE months have passed since the July Council meeting, yet no Minutes are posted on the City website.  Not to mention August, September, October and November.  Last Minutes posted are from June, six months ago. See here for latest minutes (June).

I know our City Clerk has a lot on his agenda, two jobs as Clerk, one for City of Linden and one for the Union County Utilities Authority.  Plus the political position as being the Treasurer for the Union County  Dems.  Hope the City Clerk doesn't send those reports out on City time or using City equipment.  I have evidence that he has.

I wonder which job the Clerk of Linden values the most?

So why is it agendas and minutes get posted on the UCUA in a some-what timely fashion, but not on the City of Linden's website, where Bodek earns over a $100,000 salary from Linden taxpayers?

Linden's Mayor, who is suppose to be an independent, but in this City acts as a democrat, says nothing of course.  An Independent RINO&D.  He can't make up his mind. 

Why not let Linden taxpayers see what is going on since July?

Get your act together Bodek and post the Agendas BEFORE the meeting and after the Minutes are APPROVED.

How hard can it be?


NFS said...

Bodek doesn't care. Hell he is set for life. Just like our x-CEO of Union County, whose son just happens to work for the NJ Unemplyment office of Union County, who testified that life=time benefits are good. His son works for the NJ Unemployment Office in Elizabeth. They are ALL setting themselves up for life. This has got to be illegal, no?

Snakes. All of them. Can't wait to see it all the pension funds crashing down on them.

IT'S UNREAL. No company in the private sector does this

Anonymous said...

The City website says additional minutes will be posted after the October 2011 meeting. I will write to my councilwoman to find out why those minutes haven't been posted. I've asked her other things on her FB (sorry ass place to post), but she ignored me.

NFS said...
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NFS said...

Do what you have to do @ anon 11:00 p.m. I'm sick of see nothing of use on our elected official's so-called websites. Not one elected official posted Judge DiLeo's Answer. Why do I have to do that? No one posted the ethics complaint. Why? Would it not be politically correct to post it? If so, why not? Because Council voted to keep this Judge on? Tp spite the Mayor? Who would keep this Judge on facing the most egerious charges?

Only to spite the Mayor and allow the Judge the most beneficial benefits. All at the expense of the taxpayers. NONE OF THEM HAVE A CLUE.

Unless they like it this way. I can name five that love it this way.

Koziol is one

Not one elected official will oppose this.

Name the others that have life time benefits, which includes our Mayor.

They are all happy.


Dougman said...

Are they posted yet...? (New year, maybe now he has the time with all the partying and merry making in the past....?)

NFS said...

No Dougman, the minutes are STILL not posted. Seven months have passed I think council should go back to two meetings a month. One meeting can be devoted to taxpayer business and for the other meeting a boxing ring can be set up and let council duke it out. I'd love to see a boxing match between Brown and Sheehy. Hell, let's get the attorneys in on the action too. Sheehy vs. Hudak. Why should overtaxed taxpayers be the ones with the bloody noses?