Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Local Source Endorses Smith For Freeholder

"Smith For Freeholder:       
We endorse challenger Andy Smith of Summit for Union County Freeholder.
This office conducts in-person interviews for the purpose of endorsing candidates for political office. In the past, we have been hesitant to endorse one party without speaking to the other. However, numerous attempts to interview the Democrat incumbents and their one newcomer were not reciprocated in any fashion. And this time around- with both our interviews and the county’s attitude- the position of the Democrats appears to be one designed to draw as little attention to themselves as possible. And to that end, we take their lack of an interview as their interview.
Their hope, as we see it, lies in residents overlooking the continued waste and mismanagement in which they have taken part. They are relying on old-time Democrats voting the party line across the board. And unfortunately, we also feel this is a good strategy.  

For more than 12 years, the freeholder board has been comprised of all Democrats.  In that time, taxes have only gone up and transparency has only gone down.  When asked about the mishandling of MusicFest, there was little to no response.  When questioned about millions of dollars being misappropriated towards the Union County Alliance, there was zero response.  We believe the Democratic candidates, along with the other six freeholders not up for election, must play by their own set of rules, or risk alienation from the party-- a party that for far too long has had complete control and zero accountability.  Andy Smith knows no such fear, and is beholden to no one but the voters.  He is knowledgeable, well-spoken and a strong candidate who intends on making the other members of the board accountable for their actions.  His single vote will change little, but his presence, loud voice and strong opinions will change much.

One such argument Smith has made includes the county spending $136,000 on their website. That’s $136,000 tax dollars, and as Smith has repeatedly said, that’s $133,000 too much. We see no fault in his argument. And we look forward to that type of voice during freeholder meetings.
The democrats are terrified of Smith getting elected. Their closely guarded all-Democrat government will be susceptible to the eyes of an outsider. And we believe Smith is the right outsider for the job. Union County’s budget is nearly half a billion dollars. And a vote for the Democrats is a vote for more of the same. We are certain the county does not need another year of nine Democrats and zero Republicans.  And we feel very confident saying Smith deserves your votes."

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Anonymous said...

It's sad when you have community leaders who say they are not part of the Machine, or weren't part of the Machine, yet they volley for the support of the status quo. No one can be trusted once they get a seat on council.