Friday, November 4, 2011

Linden's Democratic Team Creates Jobs?

What a laugh.  Linden's Democratic Team, consisting of Nicholas P. Scutari, Christopher Hudak, Derek Armstead, Bob Sadowski, Michele Yamakaitis and Rich Puschel, claim they are "creating jobs".  For who?  Themselves? Each and every one of them either collects a taxpayer funded paycheck or have family members doing so.  Scutari, Armstead and Puschel collect two.

Who dreams up these lies lines?


Anonymous said...

They could claim they sent a man to the moon and the voters would believe them.

NFS said...

I don't know who is in more need of a mental evaluation ... these frauds running for office or the voters, their enablers. Either the taxpayers go bankrupt or the State. Who's it going to be?

Anonymous said...

They don't care what anyone thinks about them as long as they get reelected. In fact, I am sure that in their most private conversations, these guys must laugh and make jokes about how stupid their constituents really are for continuing to enable them to pick their (the voter's) pockets.