Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Linden Election Results

According to the S.L.

City Council Ward 4 One 3-Year Term 
x Derek Armstead (D)* 568 
Waliyy Dixon (I) 241 
City Council Ward 6 One 3-Year Term 
x Robert Sadowski (D)* 270 
Diane A. Wilverding (I) 195 
City Council Ward 8 One 3-Year Term 
x Michele Yamakaitis (D)* 481 
Dulce Lopes (I) 79 
City Council Ward 10 One 3-Year Term 
Richard Puschel (D)* 389 
x Adam Kuczynski (I) 558 

Congratulations to the winners.

Now get to work and stop the nonsense that we, the taxpayers, put up with over the last year.  Taxpayers won't put up with it anymore.

*Update:  Bad news is that we still have an all democrat freeholder board.  When will they learn?

Union County 
Freeholder Three 3-Year Terms 
x Angel Estrada (D)* 32,560 
x Christopher Hudak (D)* 33,167 
x Vernell Wright (D) 33,372 
Andrew B. Smith (R) 27,635 
Edwin O. Ortiz (R) 27,147  
    It would have been enlightening to have a lawyer (Andy Smith) on the freeholder board who is not paid to think their way.  Smith would have surely scrutinize their actions and contracts, something that is sorely missing, especially since Linden gets taken for granted by the freeholders and their bosses.  What a pity. 


Anonymous said...

As a 10th Ward resident I am very happy that Adam beat Rich Puschel. We do not need a guy like Puschel who tries to make himself popular with a few residents and jeopardizing the safety of many more by pushing through the parking issue on North Stiles. He is reckless and disregards what the traffic study people told him when they recommended that parking not be allowed. By the looks of things on the streets of the 10th his bagging of leaves idea is not going over very well now that more information has been disseminated that residents can still put the leaves in the street for pickup, where they thought before because of Puschel's statement that the bagging was required. Puschel did nothing to help lower or at the very least stabilize taxes. He voted for DiLeo to remain as Municiple Court Judge at a salary that is not even close to the norm for that part time position when the Mayor tried to replace him. Now maybe the City can inch a little bit forward until we can replace some of the other Council Members.

Anonymous said...

Rich Puschel was a desperate man hanging on to a straw(parking on N.Stiles) even though traffic data suggested otherwise,guaranteed he would have not been one of the individuals who would be attempting to cross or park on such a busy street so he would personally be at no risk.
Congratulations to Adam on his victory,now we can move ahead in a neighborly manner.

P.S. I totally agree with the previous poster.