Friday, October 28, 2011

Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct Files Complaint Against Linden Municipal Judge

Judge DiLeo continues to serve as Municipal Judge despite a trial where it was found that Judge DiLeo denied defendants their due legal process.  That trial further resulted in Judge Moynihan characterizing that trial as a "perversion of justice".  While some Linden council members glossed over the charges, the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct of Supreme Court of New Jersey does see it as a big deal and, as expected, has filed a formal Complaint against Judge DiLeo, charging violations of three Canons of the Code of Judicial Conduct.

Read formal Complaint here.


Anonymous said...

Get this idiot out. He is too arrogant, emotionally unstable, above-the-law to abide by judicial conduct. He has a terrible attitude toward the very citizens he serves in Linden: most of which are low-income, uneducated, minorities and immigrants.

A long list of examples and dates can be provided documenting his unforgivable, unlawful, embarrassing judicial conduct.

DiLeo has a salary comparable to a full-time Supreme Court judge; all for a part-time position working two evenings and one day a week. He feels untouchable; those who have the ability to oust him are his cronies and fall for his statement of "being a tough, no-nonsense judge who sends a message to criminals coming down from other ghetto towns."

Any judge can provide the same toughness, yet retain the judicial impartiality and prudence required of the position.

Let's only hope the NJ Judicial Ethics Committee removes him from being able to practice in a judiciary position in NJ - ever.

Clean NJ politics up. Get rid of Linden's embarrassment = NOW.

NFS said...

How council can continue to appoint this Judge is beyond me. Even a novice judge, just graduating Judge school, would never ever act as a Judge and Prosecutor. If Council does not call on DiLeo's resignation, that means law and order has no place in our society according to our elected officials. Linden Council's failure to call for the resignation of DiLe0o do so proves it.

Anonymous said...

It certainly shows that clear lack of moral fiber and principles that is rampant in Linden City government.Shame on these "leaders"!

But then you have to ask yourself: Who in their right mind would want these kind of people to be their leaders? They reflect so poorly on the citizens of Linden.

How very sad that Linden's citizens don't seem to be intelligent enough (or care enough) to consider that fact when they step into the voting booth. The fact that they continually vote party lines and keep these morally bankrupt individuals in office shows their compliancy in this break down of law and order that has been going on for decades. Shame on them, too!