Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shoving Match at City Hall

Heard there was another shoving match at City Hall.  I wasn't there.  This is the second time a certain councilman is involved in an alleged shoving match.  I hope it's not true on either side.  The devil in me wishes someone would punch him out. 

Overtaxed taxpayers are so screwed regardless.

Someone tell me how we are to pay for the run on pensions, not to mention making up for the deferrals?? And the bonds on the County-run (UCIA) FAILED development projects that have gone awry.  No one even addresses these problems or even mentions them.  It's a real problem. 

And my goodness, did we really need a library of that size?  Those poor homeowners behind the library.  They should have spoken up.  Now they have no sun.  Why did that library have to be built that high and at that expense?   And Linden taxpayers are still being asked to fund the library?  Are you kidding me?

Nothing but a photo opportunity for the County at the peril of Linden taxpayers.  Just like the firehouses. 

The County is running us into the ground.  And no one says a word.  In fact, Linden taxpayers vote for more of the same.  Pitiful.


Anonymous said...

I think that, as true as your words are, you are speaking to the dumb and indifferent. How people continue to tolerate this is beyond me...I am so out of New Jersey as soon as my family obligations allow me to be.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Why is anyone surprised at the 3 ring circle that Linden Municipal government has evolved into?? Even their Law Dept can't get public notices right!!! Those dummies! Check this out!!!

NFS said...

@ Anon 11:27. Thanks for the link to the appellate decision. I briefly read through it, but it does appear that someone in the Law Department screwed this up ... and over what? Statutory requirements? Unreal.

I'll post the link on a new blog when I have time to read it more carefully.