Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Constitutes a Quorum?

Tonight we learned that certain Linden council members convened and held a meeting amongst themselves.  These members included Kolibus, Brown, Yamakaitis, Cosby-Hurling, Puschel and Koziol to formulate the questions for tonight's meeting.

That is six council members out of ten, excluding the Council President.  Armstead was not invited to that meeting.  I seriously doubt that the most upstanding councilman, Councilman Bob Frazier, was invited to that meeting.   I can only speculate that the other council members were either not invited or maybe chose not to participate because that could, perhaps be, a violation of the Open Public Meetings Act. 

Final question:  Was that meeting in violation of the Open Public Meetings Act?

More soon since I missed the June 21st meeting and only saw it yesterday.  In the meanwhile, I have to contemplate whether I should "out" myself. Decision coming soon.  When and if I do, I can share all kinds of stuff that I will gladly sign my name to and give the source of that information.


Anonymous said...

I think you are right. Council members held a meeting in violation of the open public meeting act. I will report this, but it will take some time. The GRC is SLOW to act to say the least.

Anonymous said...

There was no meeting. The questions were all filtered through one on one conversations and a letter was written to request the meeting to address the questions. Those who had concerns signed their names in agreement that a special meeting should be held. If you saw the meeting you can see that it was a show and the intent on the part of Moore was to again make certain members look like the enemy. He under the direction of his puppet master Armstead continuously refused to allow for civil conversation at the caucus meeting or add items to the agenda. He had a video on June 28th complete with subtitles and he kept trying to "play the tape" he attempted to justify the behavior of a member of the public by accusing Cosby-Hurling of making political statements after she congratulated committee members who won their elections. He then creates a scene out of no where and accuses cosby-Hurling of leaving he dais>>>>
The sad truth is they want to take over the world and Armstead with his many years of experience is the worst at trying to bring the full council together. he keeps talkng about black and white and all that but he has been black for the entire time that he has been on council.. he voted against black people getting promoted last year ( after he lost his bid for Mayor) Ask him why he is the chair of personnel yet he continues to allow for the unfair hiring /promotional practices to continue.