Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No Surprises in Union County Races

Linden 8th & 10th ward incumbent democrat council members, Michele Yamakaitis & Rich Puschel, won their primary races. 

Michele Yamakaitis 352  
Challenger:  Jacqueline D. Williams 231    

Richard Puschel 327 
Challenger:  Archie Strazzella

4th ward councilman Derek Armstead and 6th ward councilman Robert Sadowski faced no primary challenge.   

Union County Machine freeholder democrats, Angel Estrada, Christopher Hudak and Vernell Wright, easily won over their challengers, Marlene J. Abitanto, Erna Letemps, Elcy Castillo-Ospina.

Senator Nicholas Scutari and Assembly people Jerry Green and Linda Stender faced no democrat opposition.

Plainfield, home to Assemblyman Jerry Green, who also is the City's Dem. chairman, had a particular nasty local race. "New Dem" incumbent Cory Storch won over his challenger, Green endorsed challenger Tony Rucker while another Green endorsed candidate, Vera Greaves, won over "New Dem" Delois Dameron.  

It is interesting to note that Linda Stender, Assemblyman Green's running mate, appears to be more liked than Green in Green's own hometown.  From Plaintalker II

"In a trend that has been seen for at least the past three Assembly elections, incumbent Assemblyman Jerry Green, also the Plainfield Democratic Party Chairman, received 1,491 city votes while his running mate, incumbent Assemblywoman Linda Stender of Fanwood, received 1,770 votes in Green's hometown."

In Roselle, Jamel Holley, previously indicted for ballot fraud, won the mayoral race over the current Mayor, Garrett Smith, who is currently under indictment, A third candidate,  Joseph O'Halloran, who is not now nor been previously indicted, received the least amount of votes.  Figure that one out. 

Outside of Linden's district, the Lesniak/Cryan team won over challengers who are affiliated with the Elizabeth Board of Education, who ran under the "Democrats for Change" banner.   Lesniak was able to get the challenging team's campaign funds frozen, which decision was later overturned by the Supreme Court.  According to Bob Ingle's blog, the Lesniak team had a $2.5 million dollar war chest.  Apparently, winning isn't enough for Lesniak who, according to PolitickerNJ, stated:  "And let me tell you, Elizabeth Board of Education, the fight has just begun".  I wonder what he means by that?  Sore winner.

According to PolitickerNJ, Union County Dem Chair Charlotte DeFilippo lost her local party chairmanship.  Poor dear. Too bad we can't vote her out of the UCIA.


Anonymous said...

Lesniak did not win in his hometown of Elizabeth. How fun is that?

NFS said...

I meant to mention it, but I had trouble posting, hence the big font.

As I told a friend of mine, I'd as soon cut off my own hand before I'd vote for any of them so I had to sit this election out.

Hopefully in November, the cycle of an all dem freeholder board can be broken. It's long overdue and voters need to realize the freeholders do not work in the best interests of the taxpayer. Then again, we have Elizabeth, Plainfield, Roselle and for the most part, Linden, who don't get it.