Thursday, June 30, 2011

From Bad to Worse

The council meeting held on June 21 and a special meeting held Tuesday night make it pretty clear that things have gone from bad to worse.  Whether political, personal or both, Council members appear to be severely divided. 

Council President Moore has a hard time maintaining control of meetings and he seems to be confused at times as to what action is on the floor.  There have been times when more than one Motion is on the floor.  Council members speak over each other.  It's chaotic. 

Some of this confusion has, in my opinion, been caused by the new practice of introducing Resolutions from the floor that have not been placed on the agenda.  This practice was started by Councilman Pushel at the January Reorganization meeting when he introduced a Resolution appointing John Hudak as City Attorney.  Previously, the appointment of a City Attorney was the authority of the Mayor.  According to the Minutes, the Resolution, presumably prepared by Mr. Puschel, was not on the agenda and apparently not discussed at the caucus meeting.  See p. 14 of Minutes here.

This new practice of introducing Resolutions from the floor has now led to a procedures issue as to whether Resolutions and Ordinances concerning personnel and finance matters are within the scope of the powers of Council or the Personnel and Finance Committee and the procedure for preparing such Resolutions and Ordinances.  Whatever the answer is, it should be resolved immediately.  It would be a step in restoring some order.

It's time for someone to call a truce. 


Anonymous said...

It would be funny if it wasn't such a sad commentary on the state of our civilization...

NFS said...

It's not American civilization that's at fault. I think people have been led astray.

It's politics at its worse. Some people want to do good, some are ego driven and some want to get ahead through politics. It's up to you to figure it out because our elected officials are not truthful and neither is the media.

Just wait. We have not seen the worse of it.