Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BOE Election Today: Polls Open 4 to 9 p.m.

The five candidates for the three seats Louis Scaldino, Bryan Russell, Dylan Frank, Charlette Richardson and Carmen Southward.  Scaldino and Russell currently sit on the Board. 

The budget question is shall $79,333,587 be raised by taxes.  Note that amount is 76.52% of the total budget.  To view the proposed budget in more detail, see here.

The Linden Public Schools two-sided election information mailer, of which only a sixth of the space is devoted to the budget, contains over-simplified pie charts - one for revenues and one for expenditures.  Those pie charts do not inform the voter of the total budget, nor does it include actual figures, but only percentages. The only actual figures the school mailer provides is the amount to be raised by taxes ($79,333,587) and a comparison of the State average cost per pupil of $13,883 versus Linden cost per pupil @ $13,174.  For whatever it's worth, the mailer highlights that Linden cost per pupil is $659 below the state average.

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Anonymous said...

Linden continues to be ranked at the bottom of the heap ... 284. What I want to know is howw can the BOE claim this as success?