Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Last Night's Council Meeting

Compared to last few council meetings, last night was relatively tame.  Surprisingly, no surprise Resolutions were sprung, which may have attributed to a calmer atmosphere.

Three firemen retired, allowing for three re-hires.  That's all well and good, but it may also be a "doubled-edged sword".  John Bury writes about the rash of retirements happening around the State here and Barron's here

The budget wasn't introduced, but is expected to be next month.  Another budget meeting will be held May 2, I believe, in the caucus room and the public is invited to attend.

The obligatory Judge DiLeo cheerleader was in attendance.  Same old line about the Mayor's appointment who Council rejected, not having experience, this time using a landscaper as an example.   New Jersey Statute does not require that a newly appointed Judge have previous experience, either as a Judge or Prosecutor. 

One welcome change Council President Moore has made is allowing the public to speak on first readings of ordinances.  Previously, the public was only allowed to speak at the second reading, only minutes before the final passage.  This new procedure gives Council a full month to consider the public's input.

A few people spoke on the Mayor and Council's conduct at the previous meeting.  One person even suggested that Council should put on a united front.  I prefer the "duke it out in public" method myself.  Why hide from  public view their differences?  For years, taxpayers put up with back room deals and a Council made up of a "yes man" mentality.  Let's not go back to that. 

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