Thursday, April 28, 2011

BOE Results

From (unofficial results):

Three 3-Year Terms
√ Dylan Frank 1,284
Charlette Richardson 1,025
√ Bryan A. Russell* 1,096
√ Louis Scaldino* 1,061
Carmen Southward 1,038

School Budget
Yes 915
√ No 1,025


Anonymous said...

Well, at least the voters got the school budget thingie right.

NFS said...

BOE recently approved a quarter of a million for travel. Now I understand teachers have to go to training, etc., but a quarter of a million seems excessive, especially in these times. The only one not to vote yes, was J. Williams, who will be running for the 8th ward council seat. However, she abstained. I'm not sure why she just didn't vote no.

Anonymous said...

Why do the voters vote the budget down but keep re-electing the incumbents who gave the citizens the budget to vote on? Any answers because this one has me baffled!!!

Dougman said...

Oh, that's easy to figure out why:

because under basic common law, if a member of a public body (in this case a council memeber) casts a vote to abstain from voting, that vote is counted in favor of the issue unless that person has indicated their opposition to the issue.... SEE???

J. Williams is hedging her bets so it does not look bad on her run for the 8th ward seat. She was not being concerned at all with your money, Linden tax payers! LOL!