Monday, February 7, 2011

Is The Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioner Really Any Different From Union County?

Today the Governor fired 70 employees a t the PVSC.  Amen to that.  See story here.

According to the story, nepotism was rampant, along with other taxpayer funded chicanery.  The Governor said:  “I cannot imagine that the PVSC is the only place in New Jersey where this is happening.”  No kidding.

I see no difference at what's been going on at the PVSC to what goes on in Union County, including the Union County Improvement Authority.  

The County Watchers calls out Assemblywoman Stender on her press release.  See County Watchers here.


Dougman said...

An interesting comment in the SL article about the latest round of firings said this:

"The governor also froze all new spending on outside legal counsel retained by the commission unless specifically approved by its executive director. Since 2005, PVSC has spent nearly $10 million in legal fees, according to documents obtained under then Open Public Records Act".

My question is: Who are those law firms that got that nearly $10 million in legal fees???? Dare to hazard a guess - anyone???

Anonymous said...

One can only hope that when they are finished with the Passaic Valley Sewage Authority that they will turn their attention to the UCIA AND the Rahway Valley Sewage Authority.... Can't wait...

NFS said...

PVSC does not post its minutes on-line. Ha. Anyway, from an older news article:

"The Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission, which treats sewage from several Hudson County municipalities, paid at least $4.2 million to the politically-connected law firm of Scarinci & Hollenbeck, where Bergen County Democratic Chairman Joseph Ferriero, who is under federal investigation, is a partner, the Record reports.

Ferriero also earns a $60,000 annual salary as an employee of the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission."

NFS said...

Love this line by Christie: "I’m not going to turn the asylum back over the inmates without adult supervision."

NFS said...

Well what do you know ... Weiner Lesniak is on the PVSC payroll. From PolitickerNJ:

"Former Passaic Valley Water Commissioner Simon Grubin left the commission two years ago at the end of his term. An ally of jailed former Mayor Sammy Rivera of Passaic, Grubin often joined forces with Klodzjiev and DeVita when he served. In 2009, for example, Grubin joined the Clifton commissioners in opposing the commission giving attorney George Hanley of Weiner Lesniak a raise from $79,000 to $103,000."