Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Being Led By The Nose By DeCotiis Law Firm

With all the failed projects that the DeCotiis law firm has been involved with, including Encap, which was/is the subject of a federal investigation, why are Union County towns so quick to sign on to an Agreement with the Union County Utility Authority, which is represented by the DeCotiis law firm, that extends a lease to Covanta for 45-years?  See nj.com article here.

The articles states that:  "Through the current agreement, which expires this year, Covanta Energy operates the waste incinerator in Rahway between Routes 1&9 and the Rahway River."

Yet, according to Covanta's own website:

"The Union County Resource Recovery Facility, located on the banks of the Rahway River, began commercial operation in June 1994, serving the residents of Union County. The facility processes up to 1,540 tons of solid waste each day into enough electrical energy to power some 30,000 homes and businesses. The facility runs entirely on the energy it produces, with the remaining 39 megawatts of renewable energy sold through a merchant power marketer. Designed and built by Covanta Energy, the facility is owned by the Union County Utilities Authority (UCUA) and operated by Covanta Energy under a 25-year lease negotiated in 1998."  [Emphasis mine]

According to my calculator, that would mean the current lease expires in 2023.  Yet the article indicates the lease expires next year. Which is it? 

It appears these that the communities the DeCotiis law firm is pushing to sign on to this incredibly lengthy lease are simply taking the word of the UCUA's attorneys.  That's more than troubling. Where is the due diligence on the part of the elected officials of these communities? 

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