Friday, February 11, 2011

Former Cranford Mayor Questions Appointment of Attorney Dan McCarthy

Apparently, attorney Dan McCarthy, who's on Linden's payroll, found himself another taxpayer funded gig in Cranford. 

Cranford's former mayor questions the legal process of how the contract was awarded and states that it was "like bid rigging".  He also states that McCarthy's paperwork was late and not complete.

See Former Mayor Smith's letter to the editor here

McCarthy was also part of the legal dream team regarding daTruthSquad First Amendment case which FAILED in Court. 

McCarthy, was also involved in the Township of Union's FAILED attempt, through eminent domain, to take property's owners land.  The Judge is that case had some not too nice things to say about McCarthy, who was the Township's Planning Board attorney,  and of McManimon & Scotland, which was the Special Redevelopment Counsel

Besides citing conflicts of interest during Planning Board hearings, some of the other findings by the Judge:

  • "The advice offered by the Special Redevelopment Council, in any event, I find was misleading."
  • "The standard in the report relied on by the Board in making their determination, as well as the advice given to the Board by its own Counsel and Township's redevelopment Counsel were inconsistent with the requirements of the LRHL, the holding in Gallenthin
  • "... taken together the with reliance by the Board members on the improper advice of Counsel as to the statutory and constitutional requirements of LRHL."
  • "... I find the neutrality, impartiality and validity of the Board hearing are seriously in question."
See Judge's entire opinion here.

Linden also retains the services of McManimon & Scotland.  Sigh. 

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