Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Circus Continues in Linden

Newly elected Councilman, Peter Brown, is apparently trying to usurp the election of Linden Council President James Moore.  However, I do not believe he is acting alone.  See story here

Aside from the fact that Linden has been electing Council Presidents longer than Brown has been alive, there are a few troubling aspects.

The article states that Councilman Brown requested City attorney Hudak to research whether the election of a Council President is legal under Linden's form of government.  Under what authority does Brown have to request a taxpayer funded City attorney to conduct his witch hunt?

Council President Moore made it very clear during the re-appointment process of city attorney Hudak that he desired to explore other options and interview other candidates for the position.  Further, Councilman Brown joined in the efforts of Council members Puschel, Yamakaitis, Sadowski, Koziol and Kolibas  to usurp the Mayor's veto of the ordinance reappointing Hudak. 

According to the Star Ledger, City attorney Hudak declined to comment, citing attorney-client privilege. Just who is the client?  Whether the client is Peter Brown or Hudak's own employee, the City of Linden, certainly it's a conflict of interest either way.

This is another reason, among many, that Linden and its taxpayers would be better served by appointing an apolitical attorney.  

After being elected, Councilman Peter Brown spoke of the daunting task of filling the "big shoes" of his predecessor, Joe Harvanik.  This is now the second time, in as many months, that Brown has proven he does not have the character or integrity of Mr. Harvanik.


Tiger said...

Councilman Brown is nothing but a puppet (and an obedient one at that) for Charlotte and her crew. Where does he get off thinking he can have a city employee do some work for him. I assume the rest of the Council where not aware of the "research" being done by Hudak. Why is this any different from having the City carpenter go to your house and fix something while he is on the clock or having the garbage collectors come over and pick some things up when it's not your scheduled pick up day?

NFS said...

At last nights council meeting, Brown said he had the consent of the rest of council to request Hudak to do the research.

Brown is arrogant for sure ... thinks he is smarter than everyone else. He mentioned that he interned for a Senator. I wonder who.