Friday, October 29, 2010

YTD Costs on Failed Morningstar Project

In my travels yesterday, I rode past that mess on St. George Avenue known as the Morningstar project. Incredibly, the abandoned dumps are still standing, including the property taxpayers forked over nearly three quarters of a million dollars to Assemblyman Jerry Green more than three years ago.

The DeCotiis law firm was paid $68,482.54 this year alone according to the Union County Improvement Authority's website. The engineering firm of PMK/BSG was paid $47,24.00. For what?

No one questions the UCIA or its activities. Freeholder Sullivan admitted this at a freeholder meeting. Unfortunately, even our own Mayor won't question the UCIA as can be heard here when John Bury called in to Cranford's "Hear and Now" program. Surely, Assemblyman Green won't question the UCIA or Charlotte DeFilippo either.

It's a shame. There is serious talk of laying off Linden firefighters. Instead of milking overtaxed taxpayers, those monies could have been put to proper use.


jimmie johnson said...

any idea how much that south wood ave has cost linden ?

NFS said...

According to the Mayor's campaign website, the South Wood Avenue project was conceived back in 2003 and we bonded $3 million and pay $245,000 per year in principal and interest on that bond or approx. $1.7 million to date using his numbers.

In 2009, legal fees paid out total approx. $338,000.

This year professional fees (attorney, engineering, mediation) paid out total a little over $90,000.

I haven't calculated prior years nor taken into account the lost tax roll revenues.

Looks like we'll need to borrow money again soon.

Verge is also suing us. I hope there's no merit, but you have to wonder ...