Sunday, October 31, 2010

Armstead: Back With The Chain Gang

I was stunned to read how Armstead wants to take ISP property come hell or high water.

It's obvious that Armstead has now joined up with the UCDC and the UCIA who shunned him in the primary. In other words, Armstead has now joined up Lesniak, Charlotte DeFelippo and the rest of the Union County Dems that bring Linden nothing but higher taxes and misery.

Perhaps Armstead forgot about the Memorandum of Understanding agreement between Linden and ISP. Remember that agreement Armstead? ISP agreed not to go forward with their plains for a toxic waste incinerator in exchange for allowing ISP to clean up their property. What happened?

What happened is that ISP spent millions cleaning up and then Lesniak's client came along, somehow demanding to become the developer, offering less for the property than even the clean up costs were to date.

What did Linden do? The majority of council, the democrats, went along with it. Like the Mayor says, it was MORALLY wrong. And here we are in 2010 after years of litigation because the County put its fat face in our business. And still Armstead, you are gunning for their property? Why? Because it would benefit Lesniak's client? Because Lesniak now supports you?

Armstead, you are really a turncoat. I gave you a pass when you ran for re-election as a councilman, but you don't deserve to be Mayor. Nor does your running mate, Moore, deserve to be the Council President.

Armstead and his running mate, Moore, were always part of the Gregorio team. Now they call it a regime, which it was and which they were part of. Now, however, they stand with the fruitcake and the county regime and have the nerve to call the Linden's present government a regime? No Armstead, if you are elected, then we have a regime again, which Linden residents are not willing to tolerate.

BTW, those that you THINK are your running mates, Cosby-Hurling and Sheehy ... they will win while you LOSE.


Tiger said...

Armstead was always a JTG and the UC Dems man through and through. He is very easy to control, We are supposed to believe he had an epiphany after Gerbounka won the election back in 2006 and all of the sudden he became worried about the tax payers in Linden. Rich Gerbounka is treating him with "kid gloves" during this election. I would have liked to see him expose him and talk about the 2 lawsuits that Armstead was recently involved in that cost the City almost 1 million dollars. My friend, LHS8019 over on the Linden Forum calls these lawsuits "frivolous" and "politically motivated" which leads me to believe she is connected with Derek somehow.

NFS said...

CMD Media reported that Dawn Kologi was awarded $142,000. There are rumors the other lawsuit was settled. For what amount, I don't know. There are rumors that it can't be disclosed until after the election. Taxpayers have a right to know no matter what IMO.

Whether the lawsuits had merit or not, we'll never know for sure.

Tiger said...

Kologi lawsuit cost us more in the long run as a condition of the settlement, Mrs. Kologi agreed to file for disability retirement and never again work or apply for a job with the city government. Mrs. Kologi’s salary was $106,852 in 2008.

NFS said...

How did DK go from wanting the top job to being disabled? I wonder if the State approved this arrangement?