Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Freeholders: "Just Like You"

Victory 2010's latest campaign flier claims that the County democrat candidates have tightened the belt on spending "just like you at home". Really? Tightening one's belt usually means spending less and the County is simply not doing this.

In fact, last year the County Manager (Lesniak's nephew) begged the State for a pension deferral, which it got. In addition, the County laid off almost its entire engineering department. Yet, Linden taxpayers were sucker punched with a 13% County tax increase. Peculiar isn't it?

The flier further claims that freeholder candidates Sullivan, Kowalski and Carter "cuting costs saving taxpayers money". First, Carter is not a County official. She's another candidate enlisted from Plainfield by the Union County Democrat Machine. Draw your own conclusions.

"Froehlich, Rajoppi and Freeholders have frozen their wages for more than two years". Big deal. They make handsome salaries and it was reported not too long ago that the Sheriff receives two taxpayer funded incomes, grossing over $225,000 a year.

"Freeholders negotiated $276 million in property tax relief by reducing trash disposal costs." Too bad our tax bills don't reflect that so-called relief. See here for why. It appears to be another mastermind plan put forth by the DeCottis law firm. It gives me the shivers.

The flier incredibly claims the Register's offices reduces property taxes by $23 million a year! [exclamation mark their's]. I have to assume the register' s offices takes in $23 million a year in revenue since the flier fails to offer an explanation as to how it arrives at this figure. Whatever the case overtaxed taxpayers, that money comes from you. The realty transfer tax has been increased twice over the last decade. Recording fees have substantially increased. A millionaire realty transfer tax was added. Passport fees have increased.

Union County taxpayers are overtaxed. Linden taxpayers have been particularly hit hard due to failed projects spearheaded by the Union County Improvement Authority which is headed by the Union County Dem. Chair, Charlotte DeFilippo. Freeholder Sullivan plainly admitted at a September 2007 meeting that the freeholders do not question the UCIA. Someone should and did. Former freeholder Mapp was kicked off the dem. ticket for questioning a UCIA project and Tina Renna was graveled down from the microphone by freeholder Kowaski. Clearly, the County doesn't want to be questioned. Why is that?

By voting in the same freeholder democrats year after year, you are telling the freeholders that tax hikes, wasteful spending, nepotism and chicanery are ok with you. In a week, we can finally get serious by taking the first step in rectifying an intolerable situation. They are not like us. Not even close.

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