Monday, November 1, 2010

"Election News"

An 8-page newspaper-like campaign piece arrived in my mail on Saturday featuring Derek Armstead and James Moore. The campaign piece also includes pictures of Sen. Lesniak, Sen. Nick Scutari, Sheriff Froehlich and Linden Councilman Koziol.

There is no disclosure as to who paid for this. Isn't that an election law violation?


Tiger said...

Armstead attacks Mayor Gerbounka for so called attack on his family. I was reading Armstead's Facebook page and here is what he had to day about Gerbounka's comment that Arnstead has a family member working for the City while he does not:
"Derek Armstead For Mayor and James Moore for Council President I was very disappointed in our current mayor's decision to attack my family in this campaign. Having a wife and Children are a gift from God not a negative, a plus in my book. Yes my wife is an educator in Linden who teaches our children. We are stakeholders who are committed in making sure the city of Linden is a better place. Throwing mud is not the answer but offering the citizens of Linden a plan is."

NFS said...

Armstead is being very thin skinned. What I'd like to know is why he put out an illegal mailer.

jimmie johnson said...

what do you mean by illegal mailer ? what was illegal about it ?

NFS said...

To jimmie johnson: I think it's a violation of election law to put out campaign material without disclosing the source of who and what funded the material.

I looked it over a dozen times and there is no disclosure. However ELEC does not seem to recognize these "mis-steps" nor does it seem to do anything about it.

Therefore, I stand by my description of the campaign piece put out by Armstead and Moore and whoever else was involved as being an "illegal mailer".

Anonymous said...

I wonder if fruitcake feels the same?