Monday, June 7, 2010

UCIA Stonewalling Requests for Legal Bills

As reported by The County Watchers, efforts to obtain legal bills from the Union County Improvement Authority drag on.  See here.  The OPRA request, the redacted legal bills sought and the Complaint can be viewed here.

The City of Linden has partnered with the UCIA on many projects.  A quick review of bills paid by the UCIA in 2009 on the following projects reveals:

Linden Library legal bills total $92,479.80

Morningstar legal bills total $45,721.21

Verge Properties* legal bills total $284,230.70

*Litigation arising out of the failed South Wood Avenue project.  Separately, the legal bills for this failed project for 2009 total $53,936,97.

Keep in mind these legal bills, which total $476,368.68, cover just one year.  Some of these projects have dragged on for years and years as have the legal bills. 

It would appear that payment of these legal bills are in the sole discretion of the UCIA as, to the best of my knowledge, there has never been a resolution on Linden's council agenda to approve payment of these bills.

A review of minutes from the UCIA meetings reveals those meetings generally last 30 minutes or less.  There is no discussion whatsoever regarding legal bills.  Apparently, the size and payment of these legal bills are of no concern to anyone. 

The section of St. George Avenue covering the Morningstar project stills looks like a disaster area as does the area of the South Wood Avenue project.  At least the library was built if it's any consolation.


just ed said...

how is the queen doing

NFS said...

Unfortunately, she and the rest of her cronies are still with us eatiing us alive with their foolish pet projects and whatnot. It's not good ed.