Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Entire Bunk/Yamakaitis Team Lose*

*According to early returns.  I haven't stopped laughing since I heard the news.  Koziol, who ran unchallenged, appears to be the only one to come out of it in one piece.  He will be challenged in November though and since Linden voters started taking those smart pills, it's not likely that he will win. 

Congratulations to the winners. 


melinden said...

About time we got more of the bum's out,especially #1.

Citizenswatch said...

Yes it's true linden Victory 2010 led by CP bunk lost. The last of the JTG era is over.

Anonymous said...

I had to chuckle at the news myself... Oh gosh! What now, dems? What to do....?

BTW, NFS -- who is that dope on the linden (nj com) forum who is impersonating you and adding links to your blog???? NFSKnowsBest or something like that?? LOL! (Must be a frustrated teenager with nothing better to do.)

NFS said...

@Anon 4:37 p.m. I think I took care of the problem.

njtoday said...

Linden rejected Bob Bunk and the regular political organization and Democrats for Change candidates on Column B came close to scoring upsets in all five county offices at stake in the primary.

We will be back next year, so please join www.democratsforchange.net if you want to get rid of the crooks who control our government!

James Devine said...

Linden rejected the regular political organization and Democrats for Change candiates came close to winning the five county offices at stake in the Democratic primary.

Join us now, because we will be back next year!