Friday, June 4, 2010

Has the Bunk/Yamakaitis Team Crossed the Line?

According to City Attorney, Ed Kologi, "We don't comment on litigation matters, particularly those pertaining to elected or appointed officials, or employees,"

In today's mail, the Bunk/Yamakaitis Team campaign flier is rife with allegations pertaining to a lawsuit against Bunk's opponent, Armstead, a sitting councilman. 

Since both Bunk and Yamakaitis currently sit on Council, are they violating the City policy for the sake of their own campaigns?  Worse, are they showcasing this lawsuit, possibly to the detriment of taxpayers?


Anonymous said...

Neither Bunk nor the rest of that team have given one solid reason why they should be elected. Talking about the way Linden use to be isn't any kind of plan at all. They've been on council and in control for years and have nothing to show for it. I'm thoroughly disgusted by them.

Anonymous said...

I think ARMSTEAD should PAY his
_( TAX,s_)

Citizenswatch said...

Bunk thought he had a easy road to victory to face Mayor Gerbounka. But his road has been very bumpy. Being tied to JTG, the Davis problem the flip flop on Purgen.he has had other candidates campaign also for Mayor which has questioned his leadership or lack of for the last 14 years in public office. Yes now he has to get dirty to SURVIVE.