Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Whose Side is Bunk Really On?

According to PolitickerNJ.com, Council President Robert Bunk intends to seek support from the City and County Democrat organizations to challenge Independent Mayor Richard Gerbounka in this year's mayoral race. See story here.

According to the article, Bunk is not happy with the lack of development and lost ratables. It is true that we have three major failed projects in Linden. All three of those projects are being shepherded under the incompetent control of the Union County Improvement Authority, yet Bunk blames the Mayor. Bunk also voted to pull the rug out from under Dupont/ISP's development efforts when council voted to name Lesniak's client, The Morris Group, as the redeveloper of property owned by Dupont and ISP. Redevelopment efforts ceased while litigation made politically-connected lawyers a lot of money and here we are, years later with nothing to show for it. The two other projects have, likewise, been rotting away for years.

While Florida resident Frank Rose was scamming Linden's poorer residents during Rose's heydays as head of the Neighborhood Preservation Program, Bunk was encouraging Rose to sue to the City for harassment. Rose was sentenced to five years in a federal prison.

People are fed up with business as usual and to prove it, Chris Christie was sworn in as Governor today.

Other than to say he's always wanted to be Mayor, Bunk will need a lot more than a dream to make it come true.

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Anonymous said...

Bunk is on his own side. As long as it benefits himself, he will vote for it.