Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lawyer Gripe Site Has Moved

Back in November, I posted the story of a New Jersey lawyer who created a website mocking the former law firm he worked at. The website and the lawsuit that followed were especially interesting to me and encompassed two of my favorite subjects; lawyers and free speech.

The case made its way to the District Court and the Judge issued an Order enjoining the author of the website from using the domain name "" You can read the Order here.

The gripe site is now located at:

In earlier statements, the Judge stated, among other things, that she wasn't happy with this case that pitted lawyers against lawyers. Why not? Watching lawyers slugging it out against one another is not only entertaining, but somehow fitting.


Anonymous said...

I agree!

It's the only time they ever willingly part with their money, too!!!

just ed said...

Judge makes paper today we have them all

Anonymous said...

Dropping like flies, huh ed?