Saturday, January 23, 2010

Family Fued Cost Taxpayers $142,000

As reported by CMD Media:

"Linden Settles Lawsuit
Friday, January 22, 2010

LINDEN—A lawsuit filed against the city by Dawn E. Kologi, the wife of Linden City Attorney Edward Kologi, has been settled by the City Council for $142,000.

Mrs. Kologi, who resides in Brielle, filed a notice of claim Jan. 29, 2008 stating that she suffered a loss of authority while assistant superintendent of the Department of Recreation and Community Services and was illegally prevented from being promoted.

Mrs. Kologi claimed that Council President Robert Bunk and his daughter, Lenore Price, engaged in harassment and workplace retaliation after Mrs. Kologi reprimanded Price in December 2005.
Mrs. Kologi’s lawyer, Domenick Carmagnola, said his client endured direct and intentional retaliation after she reported Price’s misconduct to Recreation Superintendent Alfred Volpe, because officials placed her on administrative leave without any explanation.

While many taxpayers are angry about the deal engineered by Bunk and his daughter, one political insider noted that $142,000 is far less than the $2 million Mrs. Kologi’s lawyer demanded in the civil lawsuit.

Mrs. Kologi’s lawsuit accused city officials of violating the Conscientious Employee Protection Act, wrongful discharge, violation of the state Constitution and Civil Rights Act, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent investigation.

As a condition of the settlement, Mrs. Kologi agreed to file for disability retirement and never again work or apply for a job with the city government. Mrs. Kologi’s salary was $106,852 in 2008."


melinden said...

I'm sure that the legal cost's to the city were probably even more money than that.I wonder if costs were covered by insurance,as our own city lawyer could not be involved.

NFS said...

I don't know who handled the defense for the City, but apparently none of the four attorneys on the City's payroll could handle, one for obvious reasons.

Another disturbing aspect of this settlement is the agreement that the plaintiff file for disability retirement. Not only did Kologi want a promotion, according to her own attorney, Kologi wanted to keep her job with the City. While none of that obviously happened, she apparently became disabled in the meanwhile?

I find it hard to believe.

Anonymous said...


NFS said...

Sounds right Anon 12:56. It's always the same law firms, which we are to believe are a "bargain" while being politically juiced up at the same time. Just once, I'd like to see a law firm represent the City that has no political connections and charge the City real attorney hourly rates. Maybe then we'll get what we pay for.

Anonymous said...

How can such a young woman be disabled? I did contact the DOL to try and find out and I will report my findings. It seems to me that employees that the City finds "undesirable" for whatever reason, including a police officer who was stealing over time, are giving the blessing of the City to apply for retirement disability to which they have no right to ...
At least in my opinion. They still are a burden on taxpayers.

NFS said...

I think it's a "who the heck" cares mentality. Afterall, who are the attorneys employed by the City really working for?? I don't feel it's for the taxpayers, that's for sure. They are all up to their eyeballs in politics.

Whatever information you find Anon 12:09, please share it here and with whomever else you feel could assist, including the attorney general.