Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cryan in the news again

The New York Post has a follow-up story on the Cryan/Golding stalking case. The NYP says Cryan sounds like a "horny adolescent". See story here. The NYP did an earlier story here

Hat tip to MoreMonmouthMusings. The Save Jersey Blog also pointed to the story.


just ed said...

Nice to see your still alive

NFS said...

Happy New Year ed. Just been a little busy. I checked the Gort site, though I'm not sure which post you were referring to, I'm guessing the story on PA's US Attorney being named Government Lawyer of the Year?

Here, our corruption busting US Attorney was villified by the democrats, but he'll be our governor in a few days. Ha Ha Ha.

just ed said...

Maybe we will see real justice

Anonymous said...

what does pedusniak of union county pig trough do for linden since he is on the city payroll also, it appears there is a sneaky pension bump happening thanks to the linden taxpayers and he is planning to retire in a year or 2. send answer thru union county watchdog. thanks.