Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One Taxpayer Funded Health Plan Period

Last night council voted to increase the waiver fee employees receive in lieu of receiving health benefits. That waiver fee was raised from $2,100 to $4,000. It's incredible this type of action would be taken at a time when approximately 10% of the population are unemployed and without any health insurance.

More shocking is that this incentive is offered to employees who are already covered under taxpayer funded health plans. For instance, Councilman Armstead already has full health, dental, life insurance, etc. coverage through his employment with the County funded by taxpayers. Taxpayers will now pay Councilman Armstead an additional $4,000 for not taking a second taxpayer funded health benefit. Councilman Armstead tried to square this, citing he has a wife, five kids, a dog, a cat and a bird. Cry me a river Armstead.

Others who stated they will still take the opt out payment, in addition to being enrolled in a taxpayer funded health plan, include the Mayor and Council President. Either one of these men, who receive life-time health benefits and pensions from their previous employment in law enforcement, could have set an example for the rest of the bloodsucking part-time public employees seeking full-time benefits, yet neither one did. Both will be seeking your vote come the next mayoral election.

There were a few councilpersons who stated that they would not be taking the opt-out payment, including Councilman Sadowski and Councilwoman Yamakaitis. However, this is not a heroic measure on either of their parts. Both of their health benefits are already paid by overtaxed taxpayers.

Councilman Jack Sheehy indicated he would be taking his full-time benefits for a part-time job. Councilman Sheehy draws no other public salary nor benefit. At least Councilman Sheehy had the decency to thank taxpayers for his benefits. I believe he realizes it's generous indeed.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't Armstead's wife work for a BOE somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit. Can this be true?

...even the freeloaders recognize our difficult times...

NFS said...

Dream on Anon 12:34. Butter your own butt and BOHICA.

Any so-called savings in a salary freeze has already been blown with the County awarding a contract to build a banquet/wedding facility at Galloping Hill. See John Bury's blog in NJ Voices. Is this the role of county government?

Let's see ... besides the million dollar banquet hall, also needed is a wedding planner, banquet manager, chefs, sous chefs, waitresses, bus boys, tables, chairs, table cloths, napkins, candle holders, silverware, pots, pans, chafing dishes, industrial grade stoves, ovens, refigerators, freezers, dishwashers, ice makers, coffee makers, dishes, cups, saucers, water glasses, wine glasses, shot glasses, champagne glasses, liquor as well as a liquor license. I smell someone getting into the catering business. I'll meet ya at the bar.

BTW, the county is notorious for putting in a salary freeze and then later on during the year, giving out retroactive raises.

Anonymous said...

Isn't nephew George's mom-in-law (or some other relative)into the catering business already? know, the one who caters all those sumptuous lunches that the freeholders enjoy on our dime?

Hey - there's an idea of a caterer!!!!

just ed said...

NFS still alive check out gort42

Anonymous said...

The Linden Democrats are destroying the city of Linden. Stop crying about your taxes, you keep voting those sorry Democrats in. Look at Bunk for example, his entire family works for the city and his running for Mayor. If elected, More raises for his kids. While the struggling taxpayers are loosing their homes.