Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Good News for Skateboarders; Bad News for 3rd Ward

10th Ward Councilman Puschel made a motion at last night's council meeting to re-open the skateboard park, currently located at Dobson Park, on weekends. Apparently, Mr. Puschel's intention of bringing this action was never discussed at the caucus meeting nor with the 3rd Ward Councilman, Joe Harvanick, in whose ward the park is located.

Councilman Armstead similarly brought a motion to re-located the skateboard park to Wheeler Park. That motion passed with the Mayor casting the tie breaking vote.

The skateboarders were happy.


melinden said...

I think Harvanick will be getting a lot of calls from angry skate park neighbors.

NFS said...

You better believe it and those calls will be well deserved, but what Councilman Harvanick should do is give all the angry skate park residents the phone number of Councilman Rich Puschel. Let him answer to those poor people.