Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lesniak at an ALL TIME LOW

Sen. Ray Lesniak announced last week that the democratic onslaught against Republican candidate, Chris Christie, hasn't even begun. Today, Lesniak leads the onslaught with a very disturbing piece in NJ Voices. It's sickening in fact, that nearly on the eve on the September 11th attacks 8 years ago, Lesniak would use that event to villify Christie in a campaign theme. I'm sure the victims of those attacks would be horrified to read Lesniak's piece which can be read here. I know I was.

Conservatives with Attitude has written a passionate response to Lesniak's despicable piece, calling on Lesniak to resign.

Resign and GFYS Lesniak!


Anonymous said...

Just vile.

Anonymous said...

judges in luzerne county F now