Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Corzine Disses Union County Improvement Authority

Intentional or not, Governor Corzine mistakenly claims that a new preschool facility located in Plainfield was financed through the African American Fund of NJ in a press release. That funding, in fact, came about by the Union County Improvement Authority which is headed by the Union County Dem. Chairwoman, Charlotte DeFilippo.

The County Watchers reported on this financing deal extensively. See here.

As the County Watchers reported, it was during a Freeholding meeting where the 7-million dollar bond ordinance for this preschool project was being put to a vote when ex-Freeholder Adrian Mapp questioned the who, what and where's of this project. It then came to light by Freeholder Sullivan's own words that the freeholders "have to approve any and all projects that the Improvement Authority puts forth".

Ex-Freeholder Mapp was thrown under the bus shortly after this meeting when he dared asked questions.

It appears the lobbying firm of Mulroy, LiCausi & Gibbs, LLC was also somehow involved in this project.

Governor Corzine's press release goes on to state "New Jersey, among the leading states in terms of preschool enrollment, also leads the country in spending per child in preschool programs at $12,530 and with Oregon and Minnesota, spent more than twice the national average. "

Only in NJ would spending twice the national average be considerated a good thing. $12,530 for preschool is an obscene amount.


just ed said...

Sullivan, watched him on one of tina"s tapes another ass taking care of family all that matters PS Big shot to plea guilty today in federal court at 1

NFS said...

Public service has turned into anything and everything but that.

Big shot's punishment sounds like it'll be a walk in the park.