Thursday, September 10, 2009

In Memory


Dougman said...

I know we've talked about what we were doing when this happened back in 2001 before, but I can't help but think about how, as I was driving to work in Union on the GSP that beautifully sunny morning how great life was....unaware of the horror that was about to unfold shortly.

It has served to remind me that each day we need to appreciate our lives, those people we love and the little individual happinesses we experience each day.

The indescribable sickening dread that I felt that day is no longer with me but I still feel incredibly sad and anxious when this reminder of evil comes around again.

Anonymous said...

UCIA director Charlotte DeFillippo who is also the Union County Democratic chair,remains UNDER INVESTIGATION by the attorney general. In addition to being investigated for the no-show job as a legislative aide in the 20th Assembly district office of indicted Neil Cohen, whose former aide Roselle Council President Jamel Holley has also been indicted, she is under investigation for her interest in a title agency called Camelot she owned with Assemblyman Cryan, among others. So, any redevelopment project are "tainted" for now. Interesting that Jerry Green sold property to the UCIA under DeFillippo's leadership and pocketed over $700,000 for this project which has not come to fruition. These are the players, Bernice. It's not about redevelopment, it's about buying and selling properties at inflated prices for developments that will never get built

NFS said...

Yes, Dougman, it was uncanny how you and I were doing practically the same thing, traveling some of the same roads and having the same thoughts before that horrific event, despite you and I being strangers in the outside world.

What beautiful blue skies carried such evil. It was a gut wrenching day and the days that followed.

God Bless those who perished and God Bless America.

NFS said...

To Anon 12:59. I think you meant to post this on the "Plainfield Plaintalker" blog.

Holley wasn't indicted, but rather accepted the charges against him ... I forget what they called that procedure. The projects aren't only tainted, they are failures.

Any other day, I'd be happy to discuss these things with you, but not today ... I don't even want to think about those people today.