Thursday, August 6, 2009

Corzine's Embarrassing Campaign

Corzine continues to run false and misleading ads, which only magnify Corzine's lack of accomplishments and broken promises. Candidate Chris Christie has taken Corzine to task by issuing a fact sheet. Hat tip to MoreMonmouthMusings.

See fact sheet here:

Here in Linden, were it not for the U.S. Attorney's office, ex-Housing Inspector Matt Valvano would still be shaking down contractors, and those poor, unsuspecting folks seeking loans to rehabilitate their homes would still be getting scammed by the Neighborhood Preservation Program. Those poor folks were actually getting ripped off twice by (1) contributing to Frank and Anthony Rose's inflated salaries and (2) by being overcharged for the rehabilitation work. Who knows ... it could have eventually led to a three-time ripoff if Frank Rose wasn't stopped and he followed through on his threat to sue the City for harassment.

Corruption is widespread in the Soprano State and we overtaxed taxpayers simply can't afford to pay the corruption tax anymore.


melinden said...

Corzine is trying to get Jaime Fox on his campaign wagon,I read an article stating that he worked wonders for Obama in Florida.Fox also worked on the campaigns of "N.J. Taxpayers Worst Nightmares" Florio and McGreevy,hopefully,Corzine is beyond any help.

NFS said...

Hopefully. It's disgusting how Corzine accuses Christie of raising funds for Bush and being rewarded with a job (not like Corzine didn't buy his own elections?) and then Corzine has the temerity to enlist Fox who's a walking dictionary on political patronge jobs. People are getting fed up with the Corzine doubletalk.