Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another Operation Bid Rig

Didn't see much in the papers when Leroy Robinson was sentenced last month in connection with his guilty plea to money laundering. It's alleged that Robinson has close ties to Eric Wisler, senior partner at the DeCotiis law firm.

According to the article posted below, Robinson also held an interest in a title company & even hired Wisler's wife to work at his title company. Coincidently, Robinson, while a commissioner of the Essex County Utilities Authority, also awarded legal work to the DeCotiis law firm, as does the Union County Improvement Authority. The article further states that Wisler steered a multi-million dollar Encap contract to Robinson.

The UCIA's Executive Director, Charlotte DeFillipo, as well as State Dem. Chair/Union County Undershriff/Assemblyman Joe Cryan also had a stake in a title company. Records were subpoened ages ago by the State's "Do Nothing" Attorney General regarding the UCIA and Camelot Title Agency. Just the other day, a friend of mine jokingly suggested, perhaps the State A.G. took the records to hide them from the Feds. Who knows.

Robinson was also involved with the Encap mess. Records regarding Encap have been recently subpoened from the Govenor's office.

Robinson received only 18 months in the clink.

Munchkins anyone?

Read the sordid details on Robinson here:

Read U.S. Attorney's Press Release regarding Robinson here:


Anonymous said...

The DeCotiis law firm is still the main attorney for the Union County Improvement Authority, over-seeing multiple projects? What other shady characters does the DeCotiis law firm steer work to?

just ed said...

I dont think you can hide them from the Feds

just ed said...

First Bank Americano’s ???

NFS said...

I couldn't say Anon 6:27, but after the scathing, but incomplete, 250+ page report prepared by the Inspector General regarding Encap, it is more than troublesome to me that the UCIA is still using this law firm. It's quite telling that the Corzine administration did NOTHING after this report was published. Corzine is now worried about development projects in places like Ridgefield when he has multi-million dollar failures right under
nose. Pitiful.

NFS said...

I hope you're right ed. Also, Corzine numbers continue to plunge so there is a very good chance that we can dump this clown in November.

Don't know anything about the bank other than what I read on the County Watchers site.