Sunday, August 9, 2009

Codey & Booker Endorse Bush Supporter

In furtherance of Governor Corzine's attempts to evilize Christie, Corzine's latest campaign ad shows Chris Christie clapping near a photograph of ex-President George Bush. It also looks like the ad was photoshopped.

Meanwhile, both Senate President Dick "I Made the Call" Codey and Newark Mayor, Cory Booker, have publicly endorsed New York City Mayor, Mike Bloomberg. Mayor Bloomberg hosted the 2004 National Republican Convention and endorsed Bush for President. Bloomberg, for now, is unaffiliated, but he has also been a democrat and a republican.

Appointed by Bush as U.S. Attorney, Christie has done an outstanding job, yet Corzine continues to undermind Christie's accomplishments. I don't think Corzine's ads are effective. In fact, they make Corzine look foolish and accentuate Corzine's bleak record as governor.

See ad here:


melinden said...

Typical self serving Jersey politicians.

just ed said...

Dropping like flies