Saturday, July 18, 2009

Supoenas Issued Soprano State Style

According to The Record. subpoenas have been issued to the Governor's office surrounding the failed Encap project. It's been reported that the UCIA's darling law firm, the politically-juiced firm of DeCotiis, is the lead attorney for Encap.

This story has the ingredients for another chapter, or possibly an entire book, for Bob Ingle.

See story here:

For more background, see here:


Anonymous said...

Do you think Dick Codey is crapping his pants?

NFS said...

I dont' think that type of behavior is allowed at the country club. Kidding aside, incompetence, no matter how gross, has yet to become an indictable offense against politicians in NJ.

just ed said...

Dont fight the Feds

Anonymous said...

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