Friday, July 17, 2009

Nepotism Prevents Discrimination

That's what Freeholder Nancy Ward believes anyway. Aside from Ward's illogical attempt to downplay the County's employment practices, which could easily read "the more hacks the better", the logical truth is this practice discriminates against County residents, who quite possibly, no strike that, who probably are brighter or more qualified, but who are not politically endowed. Ward is another one of those attorneys who apparently passed the bar.

Another absurdity Ward would like you to believe is that because Ward herself has no relatives on the County payroll, that somehow Ward's zero hack scorecard should balance out against others whose hack scorecards may be overflowing. Freeholder Sullivan avoids revealing how many relatives he has on the payroll by shouting "Don't mention my family"! Makes you wonder at the secrecy of it all.

While Ward giggled about remaining a freeholder in 25 years, I hear Ward is not running for re-election. If this is true, I have to wonder if her downplaying nepotism is in preparedness for some arranged job yet to be revealed.

In the video, be sure to watch Freeholder Sullivan trying his best to villify County Watcher Tina Renna. Sullivan looks like he's ready to bust an eyebrow when Tina recalls her own efforts in exposing his County car usage. This time, instead of yelling to Tina to "Not Go There!", Sullivan throws "da" First Amendment right out "da" window and calls for a guard to remove her from "da" meeting.

Thank you County Watchers for the massive effort you have undertaken to keep residents informed, including these videotag players. Eff the Dan Sullivans of this world ... your work and relentless pursuit of public information is appreciated.

See the freeholders in action here (Click on the right to skip to those portions of the meeting you may wish to view):

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