Monday, July 20, 2009

Christie Leaves Corzine in the Dust

Today Christie announced his pick for Lt. Governor, Monmouth County Sheriff, Kim Guadagno, in an even keeled, pointed announcement without all the drama Corzine seems to love. The drama, however, came later when Corzine's campaign press secretary, Elisabeth Smith, attempts to provoke the usual democrat-driven hysteria aimed at woman voters. Other than at campaign time, never are women threatened with losing their right to choose. However, these threats don't come from republicans. They come solely from democrats and solely at campaign time. It's tiresome.

You would think Corzine would have made a selection by now. It was, afterall, Corzine and his own party who insisted on creating a Lt. Governor position in the first place. Yet, here they are still fumbling around for a candidate while Christie has it all neatly taken care of already.

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