Thursday, July 16, 2009


Those three words say it all and no matter what the President says, it doesn't change the fact that Corzine is a complete failure in NJ. That goes twice for the rest of a good majority of the self-serving Sopranoiettes in this corruption-ridden, bankrupt state.

What nerve Corzine has asking the President to campaign for him when he was campaigning againt the President. A low-life user.


Anonymous said...

What a President! He can read minds too.

"I'm proud to stand with a man who wakes up every day thinking about your future and the future of New Jersey,"

NFS said...

Too many flat out lies & inaccuracies to mention at that rally yesterday.

melinden said...

Corzine backed Hillary til the end,then he jumped on Obama's ship and the funniest part was when he was expecting to be appointed to the U.S.Treasury by Obama.