Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weird Politics in Union County

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As reported by today, an odd donation has been received by Hillside mayoral candidate, Jerome Jewell. It's also being reported that Jewell has the backing of Charlotte DeFillipo, the Hillside Democratic Municipal Chair/Union County Democratic Chair/UCIA Executive Director/Former Aid to Former Assemblyman Neil Cohen.

The first Jewell election report indicates that Jewell received $10,400 from the Democratic Governors Association (DGA), and an allied group is currently running ads against gubernatorial candidate, Chris Christie. The Republican Governors Association (RGA) has struck back with ads against Governor Corzine. To date, there have been no reports of the RGA donating to any mayoral republican candidates. The question is why would the DGA get involved with a mayoral race?

Another donation made to the Jewell campaign as shown on the second Jewell election report is listed as $5,000 from the "USPO" located on North Broad Street in Elizabeth. The report fails to list the exact address of this donor on North Broad Street. Having worked in Elizabeth for many years, the only USPO I know of located on North Broad Street in Elizabeth is the United States Post Office.


Honest Abe said...

I suspect that we will see similar contributions show up in Monmouth County.

NFS said...

Another day, another scam. How about the "Vote by Mail" scam? It got off to shakey start in Roselle, but I think most of the kinks have been worked out.