Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Building Dynasties for the Politically Connected

Public employee salaries have been updated by Data Universe for 2008. Someone posted it on the commie site, but since it was removed, that information must be offensive to someone. I agree, but it's public information no matter how much it may sicken you.

Many of the salaries are out of wack when compared to the private sector. You will also notice that certain Sopranoed-up families are taking home over a quarter of a million dollars or more. While it is not illegal to reward politically connected individuals with jobs, it should be. Matt Valvano, Frank Rose and Tony Rose are just a couple of examples of what can go wrong when politics becomes the hiring factor. It’s long overdue that taxpayer-funded positions be given to the most qualified applicants at market rate salaries. Overtaxed taxpayers deserve at least that much.

In addition to many inflated salaries, there are also inequities in salaries. One example is that of a licensed electrician vs. a politically-connected house painter. The painter is paid a whopping $90,872 as compared to a professional electrician who is paid $64,768. The house painter is simultaneously collecting a pension from another State. Incredible.

In the law department we have four attorneys, Kologi, Hudak, McCarthy and Roth, collecting handsome salaries and benefits for part-time work. Ed Kologi, the self-proclaimed "overseer" inferred at a not-too-long-ago council meeting that Linden taxpayers are sort of special because these attorneys do not charge the City a retainer in addition to an hourly rate. To me, that means we should be thankful we aren't getting ripped off even more. Ain't that just swell? While it is true that some towns have this payment arrangement with their attorneys, Linden taxpayers will never really know which arrangement, if any, is more beneficial to our wallets because currently none of our attorneys are required to submit time sheets or account for their hours. It is quite possible, and I’d even say more than probable, that taxpayers are overpaying for these legal services. Council could have corrected this situation, but it chose not to. So much for doing what's right. Hell, why start now?

How much longer can taxpayers continue to pay out these ridiculous salaries, along with extremely generous health packages, coupled with unsustainable pension obligations? Using General Motors as an example, an industry that actually made a product, the answer: Impossible without crippling taxpayers.

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