Saturday, May 30, 2009

Voter Fraud Officially Open For Business In NJ

Out of the blue, or maybe not, Senator Raymond Lesniak, D-Union, sponsored a bill, which passed, that allows any and all voters the privilege of voting from home, not just those who can't make it to the polls for legitimate reason as was past practice.

Voter fraud is a regular occurrence in NJ. Who can forget the 2006 primary in Roselle where voter fraud was suspected? While no one was indicted for the "suspicious" absentee ballots, it took the Appellate Court to straighten out the mess.

No one should know better than Senator Raymond Lesniak as to what havoc can ensue when absentee ballots are used because one of the very persons responsible for those ballots, which were wrought with “rampant statutory violations”, was Roselle Councilman Jamel Holley. Holley was, at that time, Chief of Staff to Ex-Assemblyman Neil Cohen, with whom Lesniak shared legislative offices. Holley also worked, at that time, for Charlotte DeFillipo, at the Union County Improvement Authority. DeFillipo, the Union County Dem. Chair, has admitted receiving subpoenas which sought, among other things, records relating to the county Democratic Committee's involvement in the 2006 primary election in Roselle, in which allegations of voter fraud were/are being investigated by the state Division of Criminal Justice. It's been reported that a legal defense fund has been established for DeFillipo.

The County Watchers covered the Roselle "event" extensively. Read the sordid story here:

And here:

Today, the AP is reporting that nearly half of the absentee ballots delivered to the Atlantic County Clerk's office have been rejected for irregularities. See story here:

At the time of passage of the bill, reported "Supporters pointed to Oregon and Washington state, where elections are run through the mail, as well as other states that are using more mail-in ballots."

That may be so, but New Jersey has the distinction as being known as "The Soprano State" where anything and everything is possible, including voter fraud. also reported that State Sen. Jim Whelan, D-Atlantic, who co-sponsored the bill with Lesniak, joked with Lesniak after the vote. I wonder if Whelen is laughing today while his own constituents' ballots are being tossed out?

This year candidates and their campaign workers are going to need eyes in the back of their heads to make sure voter fraud doesn't occur. If I were a candidate, particularly in Plainfield or Hillside, I'd be having holes drilled in the back of my head for the eye implant.


just ed said...

Have another judge getting ready to fall in luzerne county in the wind

NFS said...

I was temporarily out of business ed.

NFS said...

I wonder if the fundraising efforts have increased for Charlotte & Co ... the Union County dems sure have their hands full between her and Corzine.

just ed said...

Glad you are back check out citizen voice names another player today Charlotte & Co may need all the help they can get dont fight the fed

just ed said...

birds of a feather flock together

NFS said...

I see that one of the named Participants has agreed to plead guilty today. I wonder where this leaves the other Participant, along with the COO/general counsel?

Was F.G. doing business at the juvenile prison? I imagine it was an ideal place for such scams.

just ed said...

FG? Saving best for last LoL