Thursday, April 16, 2009

~ Linden Gets the Finger from the Freeloaders ~

According to an article in the S.L., Linden property owners will see the highest increase (13%) in county taxes.

The proposed 2009 budget is an eye-blinding $442.5 Million. The S.L. refers to it as a slight increase over last year's budget. The reality is that the County budget has grown at an alarming rate over the last several years and the S.L. shouldn't gloss over this fact nor should it assist in County spin.

Were it not for the pension deferral charade dreamed up by the Trenton half-wits, the budget would now be over a half BILLION DOLLARS. The bright side of the pension deferral is that it's that much less money the Corzine administation will have on hand to waste, blow, mismanage, steal, unwisely invest or piss away.

By voting in the same freeloaders year after year, you are telling them it's OK. They know this as well so there is no incentive for any of them to work for the taxpayer rather than the other way around.

At Linden's reorganization meeting, I recall Freeloader Al Mirabella gushing about Union County having a Sheriff's Department AND a County Police Department. People actually clapped and smiled, while I nodded my head in disbelief as how appallingly easy the Freeloaders have people fooled. Just one example.

Here's the article. Happy reading.


Anonymous said...

It would seem that there is no need for two departments. Where is Vinnie Lehoutsky when we need him?

NFS said...

Down south bird watching?