Tuesday, April 14, 2009

~ UCIA FAILED projects ~

Over the weekend, I drove down St. George Avenue and noticed that nothing has changed over there since my last drive-by. The UCIA has purchased various properties targeted for the Morning Star redevelopment, including property owned by Assemblyman Jerry "Dumped his Dumps" Green. I believe this project was hatched somewhere around 2003, and other than a Popeyes and Auto Zone, there's not too much to show for a 6 year old project.

A block of demolished buildings is about all the South Wood Avenue "Field of Failed Dreams" project consists of. I believe this misty-eyed project was also hatched somewhere around 2003. This is another project with nothing to show for it, except for legal fees generated by the DeCotiis law firm. According to the UCIA's own records, fees are still being paid to the DeCotiis law firm on what the UCIA labels "Verge Properties", which I take to mean the litigation matter and not related to the South Wood Avenue project itself. Verge Properties (Valvano) was the developer on this failed project and was allowed to terminate its contract with the UCIA at least seven months ago. However, in March 2009, the UCIA paid the DeCotiis law firm some $210,756.58 relating to Verge Properties. What kind of legal work could justify those kind of legal bills on a contract that was terminated months ago? Bear in mind, the DeCotiis law firm still bills for work on the South Wood Avenue project.

The ISP/Dupont project is another project that seems it will never see the light of day. Hopefully, the County's intent to seize that land has come to an end?

Here's the link to the most recent bills paid by the UCIA:


The UCIA Executive Director, Charlotte DeFillipo, receives a handsome salary of over $143,000 per year to run this agency. There have been rampant rumors that DeFillipo doesn't actually work at the location of her employer, but works from the comfort of her Hillside dining room.

Senator Joseph Coniglio, who was paid less than half of DeFillipo's salary, has been accused of corruption, and the jury is currently deliberating in that case.

Senator Wayne Bryant, found guility of corruption, was paid $35,000 for his low-show job.

I'm starting to believe Coniglio and Bryant might actually be a bargain.


just ed said...

Time has to be running out dont you think

NFS said...

Don't know ed ... anything is possible. Just last week, democrat Congressman Rob Andrews praised convicted felon Wayne Bryant. Unfortunately, corruption is not only tolerated here, but embraced.