Saturday, April 18, 2009

~ A BIG Thank You to the U.S. Attorney's Office ~

Democrat Senator "Joe the Plumber" Coniglio was convicted yesterday of corruption. A heartfelt thanks to the hard-working men and women of the U.S. Attorney's office who work tirelesslyto stop NJ taxpayers' hard-earned money from ending up in the pockets of these dirtbag skeeves.

Your Governor, however, is not of the same mindset. Incredibly, Corzine lauds the convicted Senator as "one of the voices for working families". This, coming out of the mouth of the guy who wants to be your Governor again. Sheesh.

Wannabe and sometimes Acting Governor, Democrat Senate President Codey, had this to say: "I have always known Joe Coniglio to be a caring and dedicated individual and this decision in no way changes my feelings for him." Get a room.

Democrat Senator Paul Sarlo thinks the jury was confused. It's obvious that ordinary citizens,who serve as jurors, know corruption when they see it, even if our elected officials don't.

Thanks to the jury as well. Great job!


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