Saturday, August 11, 2012

Is That What It's Called Now?

The Judge who acquitted former Senator Wayne Bryant, mused in her ruling that:

“It is not surprising that state legislators ... are hired or retained by municipalities or developers ... perhaps in part for their political acumen.”. [emphasis mine]  See story here.

Here's the background.

Sure, that's why Bryant was "retained".  Bryant was so smart, so smart in fact that he's in prison.

You really have to laugh at the twisted logic


TREEeditor2 said...

gee, that almost makes the corrupt wheeling and dealing sound almost ethical. Good catch, NFS.

NFS said...

It's no real catch if one has common sense which is lacking these days.

I think the Judge's ruling opens the floodgates for convicted politicians such a Joe Coniglio to appeal their convictions based on this Judge's twisted logic. Under that twisted logic, IMO, politicians can take money under cover of "political acumen" for any purpose.


Thanks for your comments Bruce. It's a honor because no one does more work than the County Watchers. You guys, Tina, John and so many others, in print, person, or otherwise, are the Breitbarts of watchers of corrupt County government and carry on his torch.

I bow to you all of you.

NFS said...

P.S. I was hoping to add Wayne Bryant to my "Wall of Shame" for a second time. Hell, I might do it anyway.

What's going on with the pervert, former assemblyman, Neil Cohen ... an opening at Galloping Hill?

njtoday said...

Has gone off the air? what happened to this blog? Who was the blogger?