Monday, July 23, 2012

Gov. Chris Christe = Another RINO

I wish it weren't true, but it is.  Maybe I should regret voting for Christie and promoting him and maybe all those poor people invested at MFGlobal wouldn't have lost their shirts when Corzine went on to bankrupt MFGlobal after losing the election to Chris Christie.   Hard to say if NJ taxpayers would endured losing more money under Corzine.  After all, the so-called Wall Street wizard, Corzine, raised the sales tax by 33.33%, and raised the tolls by 50% and more.  Raise the tax on alcohol too.  But not beer,  A racist and war-on-woman move if I ever seen one. Ladies love their wine.

However, no matter how many new taxes are passed, it's never enough for our blood tax-thirsty democrats. 

Now, incredibly, our present Governor decided to yet further have ratepayers subsidize solar panels again, to ratepayers' economic peril.  See here.  Clearly, the Govenor either doesn't understand the solar scam or it's a clear indication that Christie is a closet liberal, or perhaps he's trying to help his brother, who I understand, is in the business of the solar scam business.  What this bill does is manipulate the market.  New Jersey, by demanding energy companies to produce green energy, which it can't unless those energy companies raise  rates on the consumers (us) to either produce a product that is economically devastating to the consumer, or forces those energy producers to purchase SRECS, which is equally devastating to consumers.   I can't even believe it's legal. It shouldn't be and Christie should know this, but he chooses to ignore it for whatever reason.  A true conservative would not do what Christie did in signing this subsidy.

The article compares New Jersey to California.  California is on the edge of economic collapse.   Spain was the model for solar panels.  See where this forced energy got Spain?   Spain has gotten and needs more bailouts.  So let's follow Spain and California?  You must be kidding me Governor??!!

Regardless of any of these scenarios, it's not good for consumers of energy, the ratepayers, who are all of us who use electricity.  I am practically living in the dark as it is ... hesitant to even turn on a light.  It just got worse under this jackass of a Governor.  Our Governor admitted to not being too good with numbers.  If he can't add, he surely has no concept of science.

Frankly, I'm sick of the Governor's "straight talk".  That schtick is getting old.   I'm sick of hearing of the Governor's obsession with Bruce Springsteen.  Springsteen went out in the 90's.  Still our Governor acts like a teen-age star struck fan.  NOT APPEALING AT ALL.

Again, like Whitman, a republican, will leave office leaving the State of NJ, and its taxpayers and voters with a sour taste in our mouths, setting us up for another democrat to take control.

Gov. Christie is no Govenor Scott Walker.  Not even close. What the RNC, Fox News or any other media outfit sees in Christie is beyond me.

We got punked.

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Anonymous said...

My electric bill, food bill, etc. is up at least 10% over the last five years. No one remembers when a half gallon of ice cream went to 2/3rd of a gallon. Slowly the problem with the energy sector creeps upon us and no one notices.

Not to mention an over 10% unemployment rate.

Go live on the streets.